Intelligent CISO Issue 10 | Page 45

industry unlocked After successful deployment of SureCloud’s GDPR Suite, Barratt Developments has also deployed three additional integrated SureCloud applications, to simplify its compliance obligations – the Information Security Management System (ISMS) Suite; Third-Party Risk Management and Audit Management. The additional applications can be accessed from the SureCloud platform, which will further simplify Barratt Developments’ procedures and improve its overall compliance posture. The ISMS Suite will enable Barratt to strengthen its security policies and procedures, while Third-Party Risk Management will assess data security risks across Barratt’s key third party data partners. Furthermore, Audit Management will enable Barratt to plan, manage and track its audit requirements and obligations. Together, the | Issue 10 applications will provide in-depth insights and enable centralised administration of otherwise complex, highly manual processes from one single access point. We have been impressed by the flexibility and performance of the platform and the ability to document our data map across many areas of the business. Alex Hollis, GRC Practice Director at SureCloud, said: “We are delighted to be working with Barratt, not only to help them meet their GDPR obligations but also to streamline their other risk and compliance processes.” THE CONSTRUCTION SECTOR IN FOCUS Luke Potter, Cybersecurity Practice Director, SureCloud Are there any unique or specific cyberthreats aimed at the construction vertical? In construction you tend to have multi- national organisations with lots of sub- contractors and third-party suppliers so clearly there’s a risk management and auditing element here. That auditing isn’t just a series of questions, it has to involve a number of technical aspects as well. 45