Intelligent CISO Issue 10 | Page 51

COVER STORY nd-user er , C With more than 3,300 employees and 25 million customers worldwide, Just Eat is a world leader in online and mobile food ordering. We spoke to the company’s CISO Kevin Fielder about his journey into cybersecurity and the daily challenges he faces in this high-pressured role. E at ( image cour tesy of Ju at) st E need to ensure that we’re always one step ahead of any potential threats. This is one of the biggest challenges but also one of the things that I love most about my job. As Chief Information Security Officer, Kevin Fielder is responsible for ensuring the company has a robust cybersecurity programme in place. We spoke to him to find out more about some of the challenges he encounters in this position. Cybersecurity challenges aren’t strictly unique to a single business. Businesses of a similar size and sector often face the same pattern of threats. An online business which is customer-focused and operates internationally will often have a huge breadth of data, spread across different providers for different business capabilities. To manage and understand these systems is essential. There’s always something new to learn – this industry is always evolving and is extremely fast-paced. Essentially, we Issue 10 Jus t ust Eat is a leading global marketplace for takeaway food delivery operating in 12 markets. It is headquartered in London and provides customers with an easy and secure way to order and pay for food from over 100,000 restaurant partners. What prompted your interest in a career in cybersecurity? | at JUST EAT CISO TALKS COLLABORATION, CYBERSKILLS AND THREAT EVOLUTION J IS O The cybersecurity challenges faced by Just Eat As a leading marketplace operating in multiple countries, keeping up with the 51