Intelligent CISO Issue 10 | Page 64

The mobile security challenges have been exacerbated in recent years by the rapid uptake of BYOD. 4. Manage, monitor and configure capabilities When it comes to knowing their customers – in other words, their employer’s workforce – IT teams must address a real dilemma – how to strike a balance between the security needs of corporate data and how employees want to use corporate data. Developments in cloud-based security tools have given rise to a new set of mobile security solutions that means encryption of sensitive data can be extended to whichever popular cloud apps their customers are using – be that G Suite, Office 365, Slack or Salesforce, which means that data is secure regardless of what application a user is accessing via their personal device. 3. Recognising and removing insider threats JAN VAN VLIET, VP AND GM EMEA AT DIGITAL GUARDIAN While living in an increasingly networked world has its advantages, it also leaves organisations vulnerable to exploitation by malware, inadvertent employee actions and malicious attacks. For security analysts, spotting security incidents arising from within their company, which is arguably their 64 TODD KELLY, CSO AT CRADLEPOINT own customer base, is particularly tricky because the attacker may have legitimate access. If the credentials being input are valid, the same alarms are not raised as when an unauthorised user attempts entry from the outside. Deploying data-aware cybersecurity solutions removes the risks around the insider threat because even if an adversary has legitimate access to data, they are prevented from copying, moving or deleting it. What’s important when it comes to insiders, in whatever guise, is to be able to detect malicious or suspicious activity and produce real-time, priority alerts that analysts know must be addressed immediately. In order for industries to do more with their business and grow naturally, they have to embrace the cloud. Even with sensitive information on their applications and networks, enterprises can use the cloud without a great deal of risk. By utilising a cloud manager, businesses will be able to monitor and configure capabilities so that one person can manage the SD-WAN, IoT and 5G connectivity and keep users secure while using the network. 5. Building a useful profile of user activity for greater depth and context NIR POLAK, CEO AT EXABEAM Securing the network is fundamental to protecting the business and a variety of tools exist to understand traffic flow over a network and to analyse security impacts from that flow. However, despite the capabilities of these tools, attacks and breaches continue to happen. It is Issue 10 |