Intelligent CISO Issue 10 - Page 59

Cyxtera integrates zero-trust security into global data centre footprint VPNs: over-privileged access and a cumbersome user experience. AppGate SDP leverages micro- segmentation to apply the principle of least-privileged access to the network, which reduces the attack surface. Providing an on-demand, free edition of AppGate SDP to colocation customers further builds on Cyxtera’s vision of delivering secure, cyber-resilient infrastructure for modern enterprises. “The physical security of a data centre, while important, leaves customers open to cyberattack via the network, which is a more pervasive threat. We founded Cyxtera to offer modern enterprises the option of getting secure infrastructure at the start of their colocation experience, not as an afterthought.” C Immediately available in Cyxtera data centres, AppGate SDP enables customers to remotely access their colocation environment securely. It provides a unified control plane for secure connections across on- premises, colocation and public cloud environments and eliminates common issues associated with legacy | Issue 10 “Network security embedded into the colocation infrastructure is a game- changer,” said Manuel D. Medina, CEO of Cyxtera. Gartner recently identified software- defined perimeter as one of the top technologies for information security. Further, it reported that by 2021, 60% of enterprises will phase out network VPNs for digital business communications in favour of software-defined perimeters. AppGate SDP replaces static, outdated security methods with a dynamic solution that provides fine-grained access to assure that individuals only connect to the network resources they need to do their job. Whether enterprises are still building out a colocation network or operating at production, securing the infrastructure with AppGate can help to eliminate risks of misconfiguration, project slow-down or an outage. Advantages of AppGate SDP include: • Identity-centric: Designed around the user, not the IP address • Zero Trust model: Leverages micro- segmentation to apply the principle of least-privileged access to the network • Built like cloud, for cloud: Engineered to operate natively in cloud networks, AppGate is completely distributed and as scalable as the Internet itself • Free 10-user license pack available for Cyxtera colocation customers, enabling secure remote access for operations staff and administrators u 59 yxtera Technologies, the secure infrastructure company, has announced the integration of AppGate SDP, its software-defined perimeter solution, across its 50+ best- in-class data centres to deliver zero-trust capabilities to customers.