Intelligent CISO Issue 13 | Page 16

latest intelligence 5 STEPS TO BEING PRIVILEGE READY IN TODAY’S THREAT ENVIRONMENT D Data breaches are never a matter of ‘if’ PRESENTED BY DOWNLOAD WHITEPAPERS AT: WWW.INTELLIGENTCISO.COM/ WHITEPAPERS Humans make mistakes. These mistakes are often reversible, forgivable and forgettable. But what about when an innocent blunder enables an attacker to gain a foothold on your network, exploit powerful privileged accounts and take control of your organization’s data? People are an organization’s most valuable resource. But they can also be its greatest vulnerability, especially when armed with weak credentials, all- too-powerful privileged accounts and security ignorance or hubris. Most organizations focus ample security resources on controlling and protecting 16 the boundaries of their networks, but many pay inadequate attention to what’s happening on the inside. Once an outside threat makes it to the inside, these organizations are ill- equipped to identify, impede or stop it. To combat today’s threats, organizations must be able to monitor for suspicious behaviour, take the destructive potential out of users’ hands and become “Privilege Ready.” This white paper reveals strategies to help your organization get Privilege Ready by implementing the proper privileged access management (PAM) program. Being Privilege Ready will also help make regulatory and security processes more repeatable and automated. u Issue 13 |