Intelligent CISO Issue 13 | Page 35

 PREDI C TI VE I NTEL L I GE NC E It’s essential to have a way to track who has privileged access and control what they are doing with that access. Manually finding and tracking all the privileged accounts in large enterprise environments is virtually impossible. And if you can’t find your privileged accounts, you can’t secure them. But just because you may not know where all your privileged accounts reside, doesn’t mean the bad guys can’t locate them – and exploit them. So, finding your privileged accounts is step one. Securing them is step two. That involves generating unique and cryptographically complex credentials for each account – | Issue 13 and continuously updating them. Manual password change processes can’t keep up with the scale required in large organisations. credentials, that stolen credential is time-limited and unique. So, it can’t be leveraged to leapfrog between systems and anonymously extract data. But with automated PAM technology you can change these credentials as frequently as your policies require – even every couple of hours. Once an automated PAM solution finds your privileged accounts and then secures them, the next step is controlling access. Modern PAM technology can ensure that only authorised individuals have access to your powerful privileged accounts and only in a fully audited manner. There’s no more mystery around who had access to what and when. u That effectively negates advanced cyberattacks like zero days and keeps intruders from nesting in your environment. The reason being, even when an intruder steals one of your 35