Intelligent CISO Issue 29

A PUBLICATION intelligent Cyberthreat awareness Experts discuss some of the latest cyberthreats CISOs need to be aware of Identity era Exploring the demise of password security as alternatives prevail security intelligence that transcends borders Ransomware prevention How malware commonly infects devices and how to prevent it issue 29 | CONSTRUCTING A CYBER STRATEGY Carl Baron, CISO, SIG plc, discusses why the building materials company needed to ramp up its cybersecurity and how KnowBe4’s solution meant it could decrease the risk of phishing attacks dramatically. ENTERPRISE FIREWALL PARTNER INTELLIGENT EMAIL PROTECTION PARTNER INTELLIGENT EDUCATION PARTNER INTELLIGENT ENDPOINT SECURITY PARTNER INTELLIGENT VIDEO CALL PARTNER DATA SECURITY PARTNER INTELLIGENT ECOMMERCE PARTNER INTELLIGENT WORKFLOW PARTNER INTELLIGENT PARTNER INTELLIGENT ENDPOINT SECURITY PARTNER GLOBAL INNOVATION PARTNER