Intelligent CISO Issue 40 | Page 64

competitive advantages that technology can enable , it ’ s more likely the board will listen to them .
Money is also something that will always be top of mind for the board , so advising them on how much money security initiatives will cost them versus how much money they could lose should they fall victim to a cyberattack , will not only make cybersecurity more of a priority , but will also allow the CISO to secure the budgets needed to be successful in protecting the organisation against the threats it faces .
Digital Transformation aided by diversity of thought
Diversity has been a word on everyone ’ s lips in recent years and the topic really came to the fore in 2020 . However , it ’ s important to realise that diversity not only includes gender and racial diversity , but also diversity of thought . This is especially true at the board level , where many board members have historically hailed from predominantly financial backgrounds . However , it ’ s good to see that this does appear to be gradually changing , with a recent report finding that in 2019 , a rising number of UK companies had directors with a technology background .
The most successful boards will have a balance of skills among their members , some may be more financially experienced , others may have marketing or HR backgrounds . Nevertheless , as the discussion on risk and security is heightened and becomes more complex , organisations must also look towards a future with more technology expertise at the helm of their leadership . A simple and logical
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