Intelligent CISO Issue 40 | Page 75

services a prime target for attackers . Additionally , it ’ s much harder to monitor employees ' activities outside of the office and thus , more challenging to mitigate potential attacks .
Lastly , employees ’ increasing use of unprotected home computers and Wi-Fi routers with default passwords provides many new ransomware opportunities for bad actors .
But what ' s the difference between an attack on a corporate network vs . the cloud ? A ransomware attack on a corporate network usually occurs in the form of a malicious app that runs a malicious script on a local PC or corporate server . It encrypts data and then spreads to other PCs and servers .
In the cloud , there are two ways to encrypt SaaS data . The first is through a syncing app that connects your local device with your cloud environment .
The second is through a malicious OAuth app or browser extension with access to your SaaS data via API . More on best practices for detecting and preventing cloud ransomware later .
So how can companies limit the impact of infections on remote workforce devices ? Today , many device management tools allow you to install VPNs or anti-malware software remotely , create security policies , prevent employees from visiting suspicious websites and monitor and manage employee devices – often from one centralised cloud-based dashboard . On top of that , you need to implement an activity log monitoring solution that uses AI to intelligently scan and identify behaviour anomalies such as abnormal GeoIP login , brute force attacks , etc . For organisations with growing remote workforces , this is a ‘ must-have approach ’ to protecting sensitive corporate data and keeping work-from-home employees from causing security disasters that could impact the entire organisation .
Unfortunately , parts of security education and training just aren ’ t working . A lot of security training platforms and programs don ’ t adequately cover remote work risks . In the world we live in today , these programs must educate www . intelligentciso . com