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security intelligence that transcends borders issue 45
33 . predictive intelligence
Why data storage is an integral part of a CISO ’ s IT security strategy


36 . feature
CISOs on the front line : What ’ s ahead for cybersecurity in 2022
41 . expert opinion
Building a robust OT security programme
44 . industry unlocked
Record number of cyber incidents mitigated as NCSC protects vaccine rollout


. intelligent technologies
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48 . feature
Executive boards need to understand the severity of potential DDoS attacks to their company networks and prepare accordingly . Ashley Stephenson , CTO , for Corero Network Security , discusses the importance of communicating this to the C-suite for them to respond appropriately with adequate security budgets .
62 . business surveillance
‘ Secure , seamless and convenient ’: How Amazon Payment Services goes further to meet customer requirements
67 . decrypting myths
What UK / US cyberthreat cooperation means for global cybersecurity
71 . go phish
Mark Belgrove , Head of Cyber Consultancy , Exponential-e
74 . end point analysis
Five best practices for maximising security on a tight budget
78 . industry expert
Taking an integrated approach to security to improve cyber-resilience
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