Intelligent CISO Issue 45 | Page 53

Darktrace to adapt in lockstep as our business evolves to help us address new challenges that emerge .
By deceiving just one user into handing over credentials or other sensitive information , successful social engineering attempts are able to grant attackers a foothold into an organisation . These sorts of attacks are notoriously challenging to counter and detect , and the number of human engineers needed to defend against this level of attack is immense .

Darktrace to adapt in lockstep as our business evolves to help us address new challenges that emerge .

Humans alone are never going to be able to stop attacks as they happen . The only way of doing so is by using AI to do the tasks that humans fundamentally cannot – responding with proportionate , precise actions , without shutting down business operations .
Can you tell us more about the Darktrace AI platform and its benefits ?
Darktrace AI interrupts in-progress cyberattacks in seconds , including ransomware , email phishing and threats to cloud environments and critical infrastructure . Its Self-Learning AI works across all digital environments – including cloud , SaaS , email , IoT , endpoint and on-premise network , and builds up an understanding of ‘ on the job ’ of the regular patterns of behaviour of every user , device and system .
It uses this understanding – known as a ‘ pattern of life ’ – to detect subtle indications of threatening activity and respond proportionately with no disruption to the wider business .
What specific higher-value tasks does the solution allow your team to focus on ?
With technologies like autonomous response and automated investigation ,
attacks are mitigated before they develop into a crisis .
This buys us critical time that we need to ensure all systems are updated with the latest patches , proactively checking for potential vulnerabilities and supporting our wider Digital Transformation agenda by ensuring cybersecurity is designed-in to all systems and processes .
How do you predict Ted Baker will evolve , from a cybersecurity perspective , over the next 12 months ?
Over the next year , our focus will be on further strengthening our cloud defences as we complete our full migration to the cloud as part of our overall business transformation activity .
A great example of this is our new global e-commerce platform that goes live early next year . By designing-in cybersecurity from the very start , there have had to be no compromises in the customer experience . We will be continuing to work closely with thirdparty supply chain vendors to ensure that these do not become a point of ingress as well . Our human security team will continue to focus on the higher order proactive activities such as red-teaming and challenging ourselves with ‘ what if ’ modelling . u www . intelligentciso . com