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NSA and CISA publish third instalment of 5G Cybersecurity guidance

nduring Security Framework


( ESF ) experts from the
National Security Agency ( NSA ) and Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency ( CISA ) published its third instalment of guidance to protect the confidentiality , integrity and availability of data within a 5G core cloud infrastructure .
Devices and services connected through 5G networks transmit , use and store an exponentially increasing amount of data . This third instalment of the Security Guidance for 5G Cloud Infrastructures four-part series explains how to protect sensitive data from unauthorised access .
“ Data protection is critical because our adversaries are constantly attempting to steal our sensitive data ,” said Natalie Pittore , Chief of ESF in NSA ’ s Cybersecurity Collaboration Centre .
“ As the amount of data increases , it is even more important that we all prioritise securing data in all stages of its life cycle . This guidance can help us do that .”
Data traversing 5G networks must remain confidential . This latest guidance for 5G Cloud Infrastructures explains how to protect data in transit , at-rest , or in use through the use of encryption , cryptographic keys and secure protocols .
“ Data in a network as vast as 5G cloud infrastructures cannot be secured by a solitary entity ,” said Morgan Adamski , the Chief of NSA ’ s Cybersecurity Collaboration Centre . “ It takes the collaboration of government agencies and our industry partners . When we combine our unique perspectives , we can fit together the pieces of the puzzle and solve critical cybersecurity issues .”
“ Data is an incredibly valuable resource driving every industry in the modern world ,” added Bob Kolasky , CISA Assistant Director for the National Risk Management Centre .
“ This makes it an especially attractive target for adversaries . This paper highlights the importance of government and industry coordination in addressing the complex task of protecting our critical data .
“ As with the previous two parts of this series , CISA encourages the 5G community to review this guidance and take actionable steps to help strengthen the nation ’ s 5G cloud infrastructure .”
This recent release from the Enduring Security Framework , a public-private cross-sector working group led by NSA and CISA , provides best practices to secure data in 5G cloud environments . u
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