Intelligent CISO Issue 45 | Page 67

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What UK / US cyberthreat cooperation means for global cybersecurity

To tackle today ’ s sophisticated cyberthreats , organisations must take a proactive approach to cybersecurity – an essential aspect of a rounded and effective strategy . Danny Lopez , CEO at Glasswall , discusses what this means and explores how the UK / US cybersecurity partnership is a testament to the strength of the transatlantic security and intelligence alliance . eeting at the recent


Cyber Management Review in Maryland , intelligence and cybersecurity representatives from the UK and US reaffirmed a joint commitment to disrupt and deter new and emerging cyberthreats .
Together , both governments have a crucial role to play in the fight against global cybercrime , and in many ways , they set the tone for how organisations far and wide approach these challenges .
The announcement followed annual bi-lateral discussions between representatives from Government Communications Headquarters ( GCHQ ), the National Security Agency ( NSA ) and the US Cyber Command .
In a joint statement , they said that strategic engagement in cyberspace is crucial to defending our way of life , by addressing these evolving threats with a full range of capabilities . To carry this out , they said they intend to continue to adapt , innovate , partner and succeed against evolving threats in cyberspace .
These kinds of high-level commitments are increasingly important . With a cyberattack occurring every 39 seconds in 2021 , the world is experiencing a diverse range of challenges , including an ongoing ransomware crisis which will likely continue its upward trajectory in 2022 .
For instance , attackers are increasingly using a more personalised approach to blend into regular network traffic to look like an insider . They are also turning to more sophisticated technologies to automate their efforts and are employing Machine Learning techniques to understand what influences the behaviour of their targets . Equally concerning is the development of polymorphic malware that continually changes its features to evade detection .
There is a very real risk that in the near future , organisations will be faced with a situation where every piece of malware is novel or unique . www . intelligentciso . com