Intelligent CISO Issue 49 | Page 35

PREDICTIVE INTELLIGENCE to be restricted no matter what , then it is very difficult for insiders or compromised accounts to steal this information as they don ’ t have authority to decrypt .
Ultimately , the way we work has changed and the Digital Transformation and public cloud movement has impacted the way business is conducted . For many , hybrid working is now permanent , as is the transformation to the way enterprises think about productivity and business operations . Security has to evolve to ensure data is protected .
Currently , many organisations still rely on network-centric access technologies to enable remote work . But by giving users infrastructure-wide access creates risks of insiders or compromised accounts moving laterally within your organisation .
Access should not be black or white , instead it should be a gradient done with full insight into your endpoints , users , apps and data .
Understand , the cloud-first work-fromanywhere world is here to stay and to overcome the many threat vectors , organisations must invest in the necessary tools and frameworks , such as SSE and SASE , to provide security that protects data from anywhere . u www . intelligentciso . com