Intelligent CISO Issue 49 | Page 64

transforming their ability to identify and respond to threats . They can provide the building blocks for automated detection and response capabilities that can identify and even predict when and where attacks might be happening , removing the need for security teams to scramble in attempts to get eyeballs on everything and put out multiple flames at once .
Indeed , detection simply isn ’ t enough anymore – it can still leave cybersecurity professionals struggling to look at every individual threat . Rather , a more intelligent approach is needed and these technologies are vital to achieving that .
A quantum leap in cybersecurity
Those that do implement automated detection and response effectively stand to benefit in numerous ways .
Without the need for human intervention , the time to react to threats can be dramatically reduced , preventing the potential success of attacks . Indeed , it could be the difference between success and failure , helping to prevent potentially catastrophic financial losses induced by ransomware demands , downtime and other adverse impacts .
Equally , the use of AI and Machine Learning can help to streamline security operations by shining a light on what processes are effective versus those which offer little to no real value .
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