Intelligent CISO Issue 50 | Page 24

threat updates


2 US

It has been reported that the Costa Rican President , Rodrigo Chaves , has declared a national emergency following cyberattacks from Conti ransomware group on multiple government bodies . Etay Maor , Senior Director of Security Strategy at Cato Networks , commented : “ The recent ransomware attack on Cost Rica is just the latest example of why organisations shouldn ’ t ‘ go it alone ’ when trying to protect themselves . They often lack the specialised skills , tools and processes to hunt threats . Their ‘ blast radius ’ is too limited , only learning from the threats that they can see on their network .”
The Department of Justice has announced the revision of its policy regarding charging violations of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act ( CFAA ).
The policy for the first time directs that good-faith security research should not be charged . Good faith security research means accessing a computer solely for purposes of goodfaith testing , investigation and / or correction of a security flaw or vulnerability , where such activity is carried out in a manner designed to avoid any harm to individuals or the public .
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