Intelligent CISO Issue 53 | Page 35

PREDICTIVE INTELLIGENCE approach to security , rather than a network-based approach or a role-based approach to managing entitlements , is the strongest way to ensure that your most important assets – your data – remain protected .
Open standards and the future of data sovereignty
As global tensions rise and cyberattacks escalate , many organisations and governments are eager to ensure their intellectual property remains under their control . But in a global economy , sharing data across borders is still essential . Open standards , such as the Trusted Data Format ( TDF ), are foundational to an equitable future in data sharing . Whereas proprietary solutions lock users into a single experience that may or may not be interoperable , open standards extend usability across senders and recipients , giving organisations additional control over how their information is shared without limiting recipients ’ ability to consume that information .
When you think about the broad scope of data that organisations are entrusted to protect – from emails to files , to entire SaaS ecosystems , to data lakes , to IoT data relaying packets from sensors – versatility and interoperability are essential to creating a unified framework . Open standards will help us get there .
We as technology leaders have a long path ahead for implementing Zero Trust security and data controls across the broad spectrum of data that needs to be protected and shared – but thankfully , we have the tools to fortify security without sacrificing a positive and intuitive user experience . u www . intelligentciso . com