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AI is the action piece , whereas Machine Learning is the learning piece .
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have been escalated as high priority .
Walker : Segmenting networks is something that I recommend as a very effective practical approach to reducing risk , because a lot of these threats can penetrate potentially one device system . If you segment it , it won ’ t be able to spread and hit other systems and create further downtime . utilising Machine Learning and AI , you ’ re reducing risk dramatically . Also , you ’ re offloading costs from your OpEx model since you don ’ t need to hire your way out of the problem .
Walker : The other piece of that is the skills gap conversation . Machine Learning goes a long way to not only replace , but fill those gaps . We know there ’ s a shortage in the workforce globally , not just in cybersecurity , of course , but specifically in cybersecurity – how do you address that the gap ? Does it make sense to go and hire 20-30 people in your NOC or SOC – and even if you have the ability to do that , can you find the people ? This is where Machine Learning solutions can support skilled employees . An integrated approach such as a security fabric is very powerful .

AI is the action piece , whereas Machine Learning is the learning piece .

What are some additional protection measures you recommend to protect against today ’ s cyberthreat landscape ?
Manky : During my conversations with CISOs , they often say , ‘ I ’ m overwhelmed , there ’ s a lot of attacks out there , a lot of information , how do we simplify this ?’ Actionable threat intelligence is the answer . Networking and security are converging and that ’ s why you have to have actionable threat intelligence and security subscription services tied into that . Being able to detect and respond to threats is the first priority and to understand the threat landscape . Essentially , you need all three of these working in harmony together : automation & orchestration , AI / ML , and escalation paths to SOC analysts on items that
Manky : Building on top of that , Zero Trust and ZTNA are a big topic nowadays . There are a lot of things happening on networks , devices coming in and out , applications coming on and off , etc . The idea that nothing should be trusted inherently can significantly increase security , instead it should be earned trust . In addition to that , breach and attack simulation and having a plan ahead of time is critical . We often say , ‘ It ’ s not a matter of if , but when , there ’ s going to be an attack ’. Yes , you should do all the preparation work , but at the same time , have a game plan .
Walker : Employee education and security awareness training is all something that should be implemented when addressing cyberthreats of course . Employees are often the first line of defence in many cases . u
Jonas Walker , Security Strategist with Fortinet ’ s FortiGuard Labs www . intelligentciso . com