Intelligent CISO Issue 53 | Page 79

industry expert to stop attacks efficiently . Furthermore , you need reliable detection and response capabilities to protect things your prevention software might not pick up . Finally , you need robust cybersecurity so you can recover quickly . This is why I think cyber-resilience is a valuable term as a wider superset of things beyond just cybersecurity . Ultimately , ensuring cybersecurity is tied into all the departments in a company and employees can understand how they can shore up defences and survive a cyber incident .
Why is unified endpoint security so important for organisations today ?
I think unified endpoint security relates to what we ' ve been talking about so far , so being as complete as possible in your approach to cybersecurity and having broad coverage in a hybrid world .
Nowadays , it ' s not just about having endpoint protection platforms in place , but also making sure that you have more intelligent detection systems in place , the ability to respond to an incident and having your people know what to do in the event of a security incident .
How does Bitdefender create enterprise security built for resilience ?
Bitdefender is focused on ensuring customers can consume services and technology appropriately by having the basics . Customers benefit from both risk analytics and endpoint protection not just by using traditional measures to detect malware and ransomware , but also using more intelligent mechanisms .
With the offering of additional technologies , for example , new routes for security teams to interrogate the events being raised by a system and broaden that coverage to their network or Internet cloud platform .
Clients without security teams can be provided a managed detection and response service . Experts within Security Operations Centres using the Bitdefender solution will take that telemetry and build bespoke baselines for each customer , giving the ability to treat unique threat hunting and further detection measures . Bitdefender ensures that the choice is appropriate for the organisation and provides the best chance of enabling their resilience .
What results could an organisation / customer of Bitdefender expect ?
Our endpoint protection solution does exceptionally well . If we look at AV comparatives , we can detect some of the highest rates within the industry . So on that basis , when you think about getting rid of the potential problems , customers can feel sure that we ’ ll provide a Return on Investment ( RoI ).
When we ' ve moved into services like managed detection and response , customers expect – and continue to expect – our help to improve their security posture and maturity , e . g . looking at their environments and providing them with ongoing guidance to grow their defences . u www . intelligentciso . com