Intelligent CISO Issue 55 | Page 43

EXPERT OPINION of your enterprise , from the endpoint to the cloud .
XDR benefits :
• Security team force-multiplier : XDR is a force-multiplier for your security team by freeing up analysts from the endless cycle of triaging , investigating and correlating an endless stream of alerts from across the security stack , by delivering the entire correlated attack story and offering automated or one-click guided response options .
• Avoid tool sprawl and shelfware : Regarding the public cloud alone , one CSO Online survey found : ‘ only a third of organisations that are using public cloud have a unified solution with full integration and central management ’. XDR works on-premises , in the cloud and across hybrid environments , aggregating telemetry across platforms and providing better visibility by consolidating all related telemetry into one detection instead of a flood of disparate alerts .
• Reduced support costs : The AIdriven XDR solution capabilities increases both efficacy and efficiency on the SOC by eliminating false positives and consolidating alerts into a single detection . Contrast that with SIEM solutions , which require a lot of care and feeding , and defenders end up spending too much time managing and tuning their SIEM deployments rather than actually doing the job they were hired to do – mitigating threats .
• Storage and analytics : An AIdriven XDR solution can also bring improved efficiency and lower cloud processing and storage costs for logs / telemetry . Organisations can save on storage and analytics costs while upskilling analysts with intuitive , extensible threat hunting .
• Provides protection beyond the endpoint : An open XDR solution integrates with the key IT and security solutions to deliver comprehensive network coverage that correlates endpoint telemetry with intelligence from identity management , application suites , workspaces , the cloud and more for a unified prevention , detection and response advantage .
In summary , an AI-driven XDR solution extends detection and response capabilities throughout the enterprise by unifying telemetry analysis from across the security and IT stacks . This allows organisations to optimise efficacy , improve operational efficiency at scale and eliminate detection blind spots by generating deeply contextual correlations from endpoints , identity management , workspaces , application suites , the cloud and more .
The result is a true win-win – improved security with a reduced total cost of security operations . u www . intelligentciso . com