Intelligent CISO Issue 55 | Page 52

technology provider offering an increased level of visibility over your network ?
From our first dialogue through to discovery and proof of concept , working together with Cloudflare has been a standout partnership for INFINOX . It has supported us from the very beginning where it walked us through our extensive proof of concept and covered any questions or concerns we had throughout the process . As a globally recognised trading provider covering many geographies , we are often faced with regional nuances of implementation . However , this was not a problem for Cloudflare as we had the support of integration specialists , product managers and solution architects along our journey . With our partnership now established , Cloudflare is able to summon its full portfolio of resources at our disposal so we are confident we have a trusted partner who we can rely on and also take us forward with future implementation strategies .
Can you offer some insight into the OSI model ? What is layer 7 of the Internet and how does it interact with other OSI layers ?
At the highest level , the OSI model provides a reference model for how data moves from a software application in one computer to another . The model consists of seven self-contained layers , each with a defined function . The OSI model is a tried and tested method for understanding and troubleshooting issues that may arise at any point in the networking process . Assuming a problem can be narrowed down to one specific layer of the model , a lot of unnecessary work can be avoided when conducting root cause analysis which can aid service recovery . Layer 7 is also called the Application Layer and is the highest layer of the OSI model , being the closest to the end-user . The OSI model dictates that each layer only communicates directly with the layer above or below it . Software applications such as web browsers , email clients and our customer application mechanisms rely on the application layer to initiate
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