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LogRhythm introduces a cloudnative security operations platform

to help security teams and analysts easily investigate threats .
• Reduced burden of hardware infrastructure and software upgrades on the security team .
In addition to Axon , LogRhythm is launching valuable enhancements to its LogRhythm SIEM Platform , NDR and UEBA solutions . Features released in this quarterly rollout include :
LogRhythm SIEM
eading security intelligence

L company , LogRhythm , has unveiled LogRhythm Axon , a ground-breaking , cloud-native security operations platform .

Since 2003 , LogRhythm has been empowering security teams to navigate the ever-changing threat landscape with confidence . Unlike other providers , Axon is a brand-new cloud-native platform , built from the ground up and incorporating years of cybersecurity experience .
LogRhythm Axon provides a muchneeded force multiplier to overwhelmed security teams who are expected to confidently , effectively and efficiently defend against cyberattacks . Out of the gate , Axon provides an easy and intuitive way for security teams to achieve seamless visibility across both cloud and on-prem log sources , establishing a foundation for their security practices .
“ As allies in the fight against digital weaponisation , we are obsessed with continuously improving the way we work to deliver innovation customers
care about ,” said Chris O ’ Malley , CEO of LogRhythm . “ We are dedicated to helping customers meet rising security expectations by keeping our promise of delivering quarterly innovation to both the Axon platform as well as our entire product portfolio . With LogRhythm Axon , SIEM , NDR and UEBA , we are helping busy and lean security teams proactively detect threats , efficiently investigate incidents and ultimately keep their business and customers safe , day after day .”
LogRhythm Axon furthers the company ’ s commitment to becoming a trusted security partner to customers and partners by ensuring their security operations teams have unmatched visibility to confidently secure their environments . Key Axon benefits include :
• Simplified collection and enrichment of logs to boost SecOps productivity and efficiency .
• Enhanced reporting of threats to reduce the workload of an analyst .
• Intuitive interface that enhances visualisation and searchability of logs
• Expanding data collection with enhancements that improve capabilities to collect on-premises and cloud log sources .
• Enabling US Federal agencies and their contractors to securely work within the Federal Information Processing Standards ( FIPS ) set by NIST .
LogRhythm UEBA
• An improved analytical model that tracks when a user authenticates with a new log source type to continue providing the best protection related to user attacks .
• Simplified analyst experience to make use of the identity heatmap and assets details in the UI .
LogRhythm NDR
• Enhanced analyst threat hunting and incident response experience by providing more visibility into network traffic via data collection through PCAP and NetFlow .
• Ability to opt into a reimagined NDR analyst experience that optimises data presentation and brings rich context to analysts ’ activities . u
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