Intelligent CISO Issue 55 | Page 75

by the organisation . The private cloud architecture can be built , developed and maintained by a company ’ s own IT teams or delivered by external providers . Private clouds as their name implies address the drawback of the public cloud issue with privacy .
A hybrid cloud model is considered the best of both public and private architectures . The hybrid approach allows private and public cloud infrastructures to interact within a connected but separate system . This is ideal for organisations that handle sensitive information and PII , allowing them to store their critical data in private clouds and while keeping less sensitive data in public clouds . With a hybrid cloud architecture , organisations can maintain their private environments while accessing all the benefits of public cloud services for other computing tasks and storage .
Three types of cloud migration
There are three main types of cloud migration :
1 . On-premises to the cloud 2 . Cloud-to-cloud migration 3 . Reverse cloud migration
When moving data that is being hosted by on-premises servers to the cloud , you will be typically using a technique that ’ s called ‘ lift and shift ’. This is the transfer ( or ‘ rehosting ’) of an exact copy of your current environment without making extensive changes .
This is the fastest and simplest way for an organisation to start taking advantage of the cloud . As for moving data between clouds , say public and private ones , it will be done most likely because you want to keep it more secure . On the rare occasion where data becomes no longer important or obsolete , a reverse cloud migration may be employed to free up space and archive it on a local storage device .
To save time and expenses , cloud migration experts recommend some procedural tasks be performed before migrating data . The tasks include doing an audit and deciding what data and applications to retire and what ones to retain and migrate to the cloud .
What are the security risks that come with cloud migration ?
There are several security-related challenges that organisations must overcome in the process , including compliance breaches and malware . Because the cloud is ever-evolving , some vendors will handle the changes well and some won ’ t . If a cloud provider www . intelligentciso . com