Intelligent CISO Issue 55 | Page 46

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leave security gaps while raising the risk of data exposure and non-compliance . In truth , for a modern cloud-based analytical approach , governmental departments need security that can match these demands .
Data-centric security is the way forward
With such sensitive and valuable data held within the perimeters of governmental organisations , the focus should be more on protecting the data itself rather than the IT infrastructures that surround it .
As always with technology , it evolves , changes and advances with cloud technology no different as it tries to keep pace with the demands of global business . Failure to do so will only lead to delays in project completions and the likely risk of data being exposed . There is already a lack of financial resources and manpower when directed to security strategies .
In addition to this , the IT security industry is facing a shortage crisis of close to 3 million workers worldwide , leaving many businesses overstretched and under pressure .
An approach that can resolve this situation would require any organisation that holds sensitive information , governmental or not , to implement data-centric security . Data-centric security is designed to protect data throughout its life cycle – at rest , in motion or in use , and takes a Zero Trust approach alongside the principle of least privilege with regards to user access , safeguarding the most critical of assets .
There are a number of benefits that datacentric security can deliver which include having the ability to utilise the value of all data to enable data-driven governmental decisions , without compromising on security or compliance . As a result , organisations can deploy cloud data projects while being able to provide access to users faster in safe and secure manner . Overall , resources will be saved both time and money due to the simplified data management , governance , compliance and security that data-centric security provides . To conclude , unlocking cloud-based data analytics is highly beneficial so long as the institution gets security and compliance right first . u
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