Intelligent CISO Issue 57 | Page 35

PREDICTIVE INTELLIGENCE more policies and more data stored in ( and passing through ) third-party locations . Yet cloud provides several security benefits over on-premises setups , assuming implementers do not make errors in configuration , monitoring , patching , or authentication .
9 . Web application security ( WAS )
Web AppSec is what enterprises use to secure the digital experiences ecosystem for customers and employees . Everything from websites to mobile apps falls under this banner , so a sound strategy for web applications is critical to safeguard data , for the sake of the customer , the business and any other stakeholders in the value chain .
Nobody wants to be the victim of data theft or business disruptions and unprotected web apps are shiny objects to an opportunistic threat actor .
10 . IT / OT convergence
Across the region , manufacturing companies are embracing Industry 4.0 to reap value from their data . IT , OT , IoT , supply chain and production systems are uniting to facilitate the journey . But as the storage and business intelligence of IT merge with the supervision and control of OT , advanced IT technologies such as virtualisation , cloud , AI and agile DevOps , emanate from this convergence and must be protected .
More with less
As we consolidate our security technologies to protect our increasingly complex environments , we go even further that the less-is-more imperative demands and end up doing more with less . We cut costs , we reduce stress for security teams and we protect what matters most . Consolidation , in the years ahead , should be our watchword . u www . intelligentciso . com