Intelligent CISO Issue 57 | Page 43

EXPERT OPINION expanding and penetrating further into the network .
What ’ s more , testing systems regularly to detect vulnerabilities is another crucial aspect of the assume-breach approach . Using simulations to test your incident response strategy can better equip businesses in the case of a cyberattack attack and help identify weaknesses in your security infrastructure .
Great security equals better protection
It comes as no surprise that better protection comes with better security planning . Security leaders must ensure they bring security to the forefront of any organisation . Prevention also comes with dedicating budget and resources for backup generation and network segmentation . Looking ahead to 2023 , organisations must create response plans in advance of a ransomware attack or breach – after all , being organised and prepared means quicker and efficient reaction times .
The evolving threat landscape means businesses must adapt their security solutions to ensure their systems and data are fully protected . Traditional techniques that rely on only detecting known threats or require employees to make the right judgement call leave organisations vulnerable to attacks that could compromise customer data – putting their reputation on the line .
By implementing established Zero Trust technologies , businesses can be assured that their systems are protected . Businesses can also go one step further and take an ‘ assume-breach ’ approach , which builds on the concept of Zero Trust and treats every device or user on a network as hostile , ensuring that no one is trusted – this in turn helps mitigate the widespread impact cyberthreats can have within an organisation . u www . intelligentciso . com