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H to the first edition of Intelligent CISO in 2023 – wishing you a very Happy New Year ! Entering a new year means lots of potentially exciting new trends and developments are to be expected across the global cybersecurity space . We hear from industry experts on what these might be and some of their best practice advice for managing them .

Starring on this month ’ s cover is Kenji Kojima , Senior Manager of Cyber Security Technology Center , Toshiba , who – along with Takashi Amano , General Manager of Cyber Security Technology Center , Toshiba – discusses how Recorded Future ’ s superiority in both breadth of information coverage and volume of information was the deciding factor behind it becoming Toshiba ’ s intelligence provider for its Cyber Security Center . Find out how this came to be on page 51 .
Another point of discussion in this edition is top priorities and trends for CISOs in 2023 . John McClurg , Senior
Vice President and CISO at BlackBerry , draws attention to key considerations as we begin a new year , to ensure CISOs operate with a secure strategy to guarantee success filters from the top down .
In other news , on page 36 , Chad Skipper , Global Security Technologist at VMware , offers expert advice outlining the comprehensive rulebook that will allow organisations to empower their security teams to face the challenges ahead .
With a large focus on the next 12 months , it is important to review cyber strategies and whether they will still be as reliable in 2023 . Richard Meeus , Director of Security Technology and Strategy EMEA at Akamai , suggests how business leaders can strengthen their security approach to tackle potential future threats .
On page 62 , Leon Ward , VP of Product Management , ThreatQuotient , discusses the results of the organisation ’ s recent report which aimed to understand just how far organisations have progressed in their bid to deploy automation . The findings show some of the CISO struggles with cybersecurity automation maturity .
To round off , we ‘ Go Phish ’ with Stuart Wells , CTO of Jumio , to find out how he landed in his role , as well as how he likes to relax and unwind outside the office . This can be found on page 71 .
I hope you enjoy the read and if you ’ d like to contribute to any future editions , please don ’ t hesitate to get in touch at alix @ lynchpinmedia . com
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