Intelligent CISO Issue 57 | Page 69

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policies follow the user to any location , on any device and connect to any destination . This is based on the advantage that Zscaler colocates with the largest ISP and Microsoft POPs , guaranteeing excellent user experience in the most secure way .
To further support Digital Transformation and help businesses across the Middle East to achieve a more productive experience , Zscaler has invested aggressively in building out its locally based infrastructure ( especially in Saudi Arabia , UAE , Qatar and Kuwait ) and people , including multiple sales teams as well as engineering and support functions . uses Zero Trust Exchange which is a purpose-built platform helping organisations to leverage cloud , mobility , AI and OT technologies . Can you tell us about this platform and how it helps businesses achieve a more productive experience and become more agile ?
Zscaler is currently the world ’ s largest security cloud leveraged by the largest banks , government and oil and gas organisations to connect their users to applications from any location using any device and we have over 150 global data centres processing over 250 billion secured transactions per day ( about 20x the amount of Google searches per day ).
Our platform consumes identity from a customer ’ s existing solution ( i . e . AD or OKTA ) and allows the customer to build policies based on these identities . Those
Lawrence Morrison , VP of Middle East and Africa at Zscaler
Our main objective over the next 24 months is to continue driving value for customers , helping them to simplify their security infrastructure by leveraging our security cloud to drive down costs through consolidation of point products , increase user experience ( i . e . Microsoft 365 ) by connecting directly through the fastest path and improving security against ransomware and data loss through Zero Trust .
Zero Trust has been described in numerous articles as the future of data security . What ’ s your opinion on this and how do you see this evolving in years to come ?
I believe the Internet will act as the new corporate network and everyone will have the ability to be on this . Therefore , it is important that organisations protect their users in any location using any kind of device .
Data in motion between workloads and IoT systems will also need protection . That ’ s why there is no better alternative than to adopt a Zero Trust architecture and I ’ m so excited to be working for the number one vendor in this space in a geographical market that is primed for transformation . u www . intelligentciso . com