Intelligent CISO Issue 59 | Page 43

EXPERT OPINION identity ). To understand when / if there is an attack , you need the endpoint and identity telemetry , but you also need to have massive adversary knowledge to compare the threat vector to .
XDR with identity protection : Better together
There is a real complexity that exists in identifying and responding to real-time attacks if you ’ re only looking at one piece of a fragmented puzzle , or you have swivel chair syndrome with your security tooling . IAM is only one piece of the identity protection puzzle . A holistic
XDR solution – one that connects endpoint , identity and threat intelligence together , ensuring coverage everywhere ( cloud , on-prem , mobile , unmanaged devices and more ) – is the only way to solve this effectively .
When it ’ s done right , organisations have unified cross-domain detections and investigations to effectively connect the dots , understand the context and automate the risk response to stop or contain adversary attacks . XDR with identity protection not only stops threats but improves the bottom line . For example , Safelite ’ s CISO , Grant
Sewell , spoke at a conference about the operational expense savings : a 75 % reduction in support password resets , an 8 % reduction in phishing susceptibility and a 32 % reduction in unnecessary user access rights . A holistic XDR solution that can correlate native and third-party cross-domain telemetry – spanning network , email , endpoint , identity , web applications , cloud and SaaS apps , workloads , third-party systems and security tools and more – wins .
Whatever you do , don ’ t neglect the importance of identity protection within your XDR solution . u www . intelligentciso . com