Intelligent CISO Issue 59 | Page 53

breadth and depth of collection from sources that informs business risk and helps mitigate the damage leading to brand mistrust , operational downtime , fraud and financial losses , competitive disadvantage and legal or compliance failures . This is unique because no matter the business risk , we have intelligence to inform leaders of implications for it which ends up supporting teams across the entire business .
What are your plans for Recorded Future in the META region for 2023 ?
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We ’ re doubling down on resources and on revenues . In terms of the number of clients I ’ ve been quoting , we ’ ve been really successful in this region . Over the past four or five years , we ’ ve onboarded more than 140 clients and the beauty of it is that we ’ ve seen clients being with us for more than four or five years , renewed year over year , making us improve the technology and the outcomes and the evolvement of the technology ’ s development . Of course , the majority of the growth happened during the COVID pandemic so we couldn ’ t actually consider people across the different regions , we had to focus on people here in Dubai . Now the plan is to expand across regions – so we have people based in Saudi and other regions . The plan is to increase our resources and provide better coverage for our clients . u to react to incidents as they arise . But no matter how proactive organisations are they will still likely have to deal with a reactive situation at some point and intelligence helps by giving them a starting point of what ’ s happening and means they can prioritise where to invest their time and energy .
How does Recorded Future empower organisations with the right intelligence and what ’ s unique about how you help organisations to mitigate risk ?
We empower organisations with the right intelligence by offering the largest
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