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Thales and Schiebel to deliver eyes in the sky for Royal Navy

The Thales I-Master radar can be operated in both Synthetic Aperture Radar and Maritime Moving Target Indication modes and once it detects and finds a contact , the on-board electro-optical / infra-red sensor is crosscued to perform the identification .
High-definition imagery and radar data is downloaded to the human operator and disseminated in real time through the host ship ’ s Combat Management System and made available to multiple users .
hales , a global technology

T leader , and Schiebel , an aviation and aerospace component manufacturer , have been awarded a contract by the UK Ministry of Defence to deliver a game-changing rotary wing Uncrewed Air System ( UAS ) to provide a protective ‘ eye in the sky ’ capability for Royal Navy warships .

The contract for the Peregrine system will see a rotary-powered UAS , fitted with powerful naval surveillance sensors suite , deployed to help protect a Type 23 frigate on operational tasking .
International navies now find themselves increasingly threatened by a range of hostile platforms , often in congested maritime environments . The ability for an uncrewed rotary aircraft that can launch quickly and then provide long-range mission endurance and the ability to find , fix , track and identify targets will bring additional protection for the ship
and its crew , gaining them invaluable time to prepare and respond .
Thales will act as the lead systems integrator for the programme that brings together an unrivalled combination of proven UAS capability from Schiebel and a range high precision intelligence , surveillance and reconnaissance sensors and systems from Thales .
Schiebel will provide its operationally proven CAMCOPTER S-100 , a highlyeffective uncrewed air system which already has more than 100,000 operating hours , including demanding deck-launched operations in challenging winds and sea states .
The S-100 ’ s sensors , supported by an Automatic Identification System and fused together with the CarteNav AIMS Mission System provides the operator the ability to detect and identify unknown targets quickly .
This partnership will bring together a combined 30 years of experience in UAS design , integration , test and operations with the S-100 ’ s proven track record . This combined capability is built on trusted solutions that deliver real value with immediate effect .
Hans Georg Schiebel , Chairman of the Schiebel Group , said : “ We are immensely proud that the CAMCOPTER S-100 is the UK Ministry of Defence ’ s choice for its prestigious Peregrine programme . The S-100 is the optimal UAS for a growing number of Navies worldwide and has proven its superiority and outstanding capabilities throughout its numerous operational deployments .”
Alex Cresswell , CEO of Thales in the UK , said : “ This is a significant milestone for the Royal Navy as it is an immediate enhancement to its operational capability , but it also supports its strategic transition to uncrewed technology in line with its Future Maritime Aviation Force strategy . I am pleased that our long tradition of supporting the Royal Navy ’ s ‘ eyes and ears ’ situational awareness capability continues with this latest contract .” u
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