Intelligent CISO Issue 59 | Page 64

vulnerabilities that need to be addressed ahead of time . The wealth of different avenues held within the Metaverse means the probability of new cyberthreats is astonishing .
When more people and organisations become reliant on the Metaverse for communication and commerce , the risk of cyberattacks will increase exponentially . We ’ ll rapidly witness hackers trying to exploit vulnerabilities to gain access to sensitive data or disrupt operations .
By the time the Metaverse becomes a mainstream reality , if preparations aren ’ t made ahead of time , it will already be too late . The challenge is , it ’ s near impossible to secure a landscape that we can ’ t yet explore and when teams lack the general understanding of what the attack surface will look like .
Securing the Metaverse
If we ’ re to secure this new environment , we first need to fully understand the attack surface and how it will evolve , which is a real challenge . It ’ s a vital problem that we ’ re trying to solve in the current digital space , let alone within the complexities of the Metaverse .
When tackling any new cybersecurity challenge , the fundamentals are key .
Core security tactics include implementing authentication protocols , such as Multi-Factor Authentication , to prevent unauthorised access to the
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