Intelligent CISO Issue 59 | Page 69

decrypting myths
extracting more value from legacy systems , reducing friction and improving security .
For consumers , continuous authentication promises more choice , security and convenience , with behavioural analytics working in the background to protect them without introducing unnecessary friction .
However , a lack of friction should not be confused with a lack of security . When the correct balance is struck and behavioural biometrics are implemented alongside AI and traditional security methods like MFA , both customer experience and security will improve .
Forging ahead with passwordless
With billions of users and devices between them this will no doubt be a watershed moment for passwordless authentication . Alongside MFA , these technologies will also create a better , smarter , more secure user experience .
The scene has truly been set for a mass password exodus ; businesses now need to seize the opportunity with both hands .
The behavioural biometrics revolution a device are continually captured and evaluated to build a profile or score to authenticate a user – could unlock immense value for businesses and their customers , amplifying the benefits of other forms of passwordless authentication outlined above , while
When even password managers are ditching passwords , you know the writing is on the wall .
Customer expectations about online experiences and passwordless authentication are changing . It ’ s on businesses to make sure they ’ re changing too .
Once and for all , the days of the password might finally be numbered . u
Another promising piece of the passwordless technology jigsaw is behavioural biometrics . While still ( relatively ) early in this next phase of the biometrics revolution , the signs are already promising .
Continuous authentication – whereby behavioural characteristics , contextual clues like GPS and interactions with
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