Intelligent CISO Issue 59 - Page 39

FEATURE view across your network – at a time when many organisations are suffering from visibility challenges resulting from Digital Transformation and vendor sprawl . Here are 10 strategies that can be implemented to minimise the risk of insider threats :
1 . Train employees to see and report suspicious activity . In addition , run background checks on users being given privileged access to digital resources .
2 . Deploy tools that can monitor user behaviour and activities – including policy violations – and leverage Machine Learning to detect unusual behaviour .
3 . Segment the network to limit activity to specific network regions . For more sensitive operations , a Zero Trust model can be especially effective .
4 . Implement configuration management tools that can quickly assess and identify improperly configured devices .
5 . Monitor data access and file transfers and invest in file tracking technologies .
6 . Implement a data loss prevention ( DLP ) process and related technologies .
7 . Strengthen Identity and Access Management ( IAM ), including the use of Multi-Factor Authentication ( MFA ).
8 . Encrypt data in motion , in use and at rest . Invest in technologies that can inspect encrypted data at business speeds .
9 . Use a SIEM tool to correlate threat intelligence gathered from across the network to identify those needlein-a-haystack events that are impossible to detect using manual correlation .
10 . Use deception technologies and honeypots to detect activity that strays from assigned tasks .
Alain Penel – Regional VP – ME & Turkey at Fortinet
Addressing insider threats requires proactive efforts
Attackers continue to apply pressure across the entire attack surface , looking for a lapse in the protection of vulnerabilities to exploit . By combining deterrence and detection with automation , however , organisations can take a much more proactive approach to detecting and mitigating insider threats – all while keeping critical security personnel focused on higher-order tasks such as strategic planning and threat analysis . u www . intelligentciso . com