Intelligent CISO Issue 59 | Page 45

industry unlocked as 3GPP and O-RAN ALLIANCE , requirements from national authorities and risk profiles of vendors are correctly captured and assessed during upcoming operator procurement processes .
• Address outstanding gaps in security specifications through the O-RAN ALLIANCE . For example , the O-RAN ALLIANCE Security Work Group ( WG11 ) recently introduced new security control mechanisms for certain interfaces ; these new specifications were completed in November last year .
Also setting the standard in telco and 5G security is Atos , a global leader in managed security services . The tech giant recently announced the launch of its new ‘ 5Guard ’ security offering for organisations looking to deploy private 5G networks and for telecom operators looking to enable integrated , automated and orchestrated security to protect and defend their assets and customers .
A new end-to-end 5G security portfolio
As 5G is now highly strategic for business , with customers looking to improve their 5G security posture , Atos ’ offering aims to help organisations identify risks and develop an end-to-end security strategy to protect critical business and data and accelerate their Digital Transformation . 5Guard minimises risks across radio access network ( RAN ), multiple access Edge Computing ( MEC ), 5G core network and multi-cloud platforms .
More specifically , Atos ’ 5Guard offering consists of :
• Support in definition of 5G security strategy , through Atos ’ consulting capabilities . Atos helps clients assess their systems , designs , architectures and then provides strategic recommendations – based on the security capabilities of the infrastructure , architecture and components , in accordance with security standards , frameworks and regulations . Atos ’ strategic recommendations address customers ’ business requirements based on their risk appetite .
• 5G data and network security solutions to cover identified risks and security gaps , leveraging best-of-breed 5G security vendors and Atos ’ proprietary technological building blocks .
• Related in Atos ’ product portfolio are : Atos ’ encryption solutions ( Trustway ); identity and access management software ; public key infrastructure solutions ( IDnomic ); and Atos Managed Detection www . intelligentciso . com