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SecurityGen targets South-East Asia as 5G takes off

ecurityGen , an award-winning

S provider of security solutions and services for the telecom industry , is set to focus on South-East Asia as the business outlines its growth strategy for 2023 . This focus is being driven by the switch-on of 5G networks across the region and the associated launch of new services for subscribers and business customers .

South-East Asia is of huge importance to SecurityGen , accounting as it does for 40 % of its 2022 revenues . Two large operators in Malaysia , Thailand and Indonesia already use SecurityGen for their mobile network security . The security solutions provider also works with leading operators in a number of other nations in the region .
5G is on the move in Malaysia and South-East Asia . According to network equipment firm , Ericsson , in its November 2022 Mobility Report , 5G will
become the leading mobile technology in the region , with a near 50 % penetration rate by 2028 . 5G subscribers here are forecast to rise from an estimated 30 million in 2022 up to 620 million by the end of 2028 .
Amit Nath , Co-founder and CEO of SecurityGen , said : “ South-East Asia is a hub for innovation in new 5G applications and services – from Fixed Wireless Access to Connected Homes , Smart Cities and IoT-enabled automation and manufacturing . But to truly take advantage of the new opportunities and possibilities presented by 5G , operators must be confident that their networks are safe , secure , resilient and that their customers are fully protected .”
Recent high-profile cyberattacks on mobile operators around the world have highlighted their vulnerability . Operators generate large revenues , serve millions of customers and store
and carry enormous volumes of data . It ’ s these factors that make them high-value targets for hackers and cybercriminals .
“ Network security is both an operational and commercial imperative for operators everywhere ,” added Nath . “ Because 5G networks provide an expanded range of services and connect an expanded number of devices , they offer an expanded attack surface for hackers to exploit .
“ We are supplementing our commitment to South-East Asia with the relocation of our experts to the region and developing local talent to create a dedicated research team there . This team will draw upon SecurityGen ’ s in-depth expertise in the telecom domain and alongside our innovative solutions and services specially designed to help ensure secure 5G transitions for MNOs , we are ideally positioned to partner with local operators in their 5G transformation journeys .” u
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