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When it comes to the Metaverse , it is crucial that security is a top priority or businesses will risk leaving themselves open to attack . Lior Arbel , CTO of Encore , discusses the importance of staying secure in the Metaverse to ensure we reap its potential of revolutionising the way we communicate and conduct business .
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A emerge from the constant churn of innovation , the cybersecurity industry must continue to pivot , assess threats and protect the new environment and challenges that come with it , without the luxury of time .

When IoT was launched , for example – merging the digital and physical world in a way that hadn ’ t been done before – cybersecurity had to quickly determine what new threats would accompany this development . Ultimately , it resulted in the birth of an entirely new sector in the cyber industry : Operational Technology ( OT ) security .
Now , the convergence of our physical and digital environments has been taken that one step further .
The Metaverse is the next tech environment to hit the mainstream . As a shared virtual space , created by merging virtually enhanced physical reality and physically influenced virtual space , the Metaverse hosts an unlimited number of opportunities for both the consumer and business landscapes . However , with new opportunities comes risk – especially when we lack the true understanding of what form this new reality will take .
This will undoubtedly become the next great challenge for the cyber industry .
Lior Arbel , CTO of Encore
Respecting the balance
The Metaverse presents exciting new opportunities on several fronts , including social interaction , business ventures and creative ways of working , all through a new platform for communication and collaboration . These avenues can also be leveraged to strengthen cybersecurity , as security professionals can use the Metaverse to conduct training simulations , share best practices and collaborate on threat intelligence .
However , this advanced dynamic landscape also introduces new
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