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H to the latest edition of Intelligent CISO where we bring you a roundup of some of the top trends taking place across the global cybersecurity market . We include input from various industry experts who offer their best practice advice on some trending discussion points .

Gracing this month ’ s cover is Brent Cerka , CIO at one of the world ’ s leading machinery manufacturers , Warren CAT . He discusses how the organisation needed to elevate its Zero Trust data security posture to protect itself and secure its data in the face of cyberthreats , and how it achieved this with Rubrik . This can be read about in more detail on page 51 .
A pivotal contribution to this month ’ s mag comes from Gartner as it identifies the top cybersecurity trends for 2023 . Richard Addiscott , Senior Director Analyst at Gartner , comments on some of the core challenges and offers his best practice advice in response . This can be found on page 18 .
Probably the hottest topic at the heart of all security conversations currently is ChatGTP , so this month I asked the experts about the security implications of using this pioneering technology . Darren Guccione , CEO , Keeper Security ; Pål Aaserudseter , Security Engineer at Check Point Software ; and Julia O ’ Toole , CEO of MyCena Security Solutions , provide their words of wisdom on page 27 .
This month ’ s ‘ Expert Opinion ’ examines the best practices for common cybersecurity threats in 2023 . ThreatLocker outlines the best defensive techniques organisations can implement when faced with common cybersecurity threats this year and beyond .
Another insightful piece elsewhere in this issue is about how Pakistan ’ s largest bank , Allied Bank , has adopted a proactive security strategy with Recorded Future Intelligence . Awais Ejaz , Group Head / CISO , Information Security and Governance offers further insight on page 44 .
Also contributing to this month ’ s magazine is Virsec ’ s Field CISO , Chuck Everette , who talks about the benefits of a Zero Trust architecture – from implementation to patching vulnerabilities – particularly as it is in the spotlight more than ever . This can be found on page 67 .
‘ Go Phish ’ explores the career journey of Andy Bates , Practice Director – Security at Node4 , as well as how he likes to relax and unwind outside the office . You can find this on page 71 .
I hope you enjoy the read and glean some insightful nuggets of information . If you ’ d like to contribute to any future editions , please don ’ t hesitate to get in touch at alix @ lynchpinmedia . com
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