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H the latest edition of Intelligent CISO where we bring you a roundup of some of the top trends taking place across the global cybersecurity market . We include input from various industry experts who offer their best practice advice on some trending discussion points .

Featuring on this month ’ s cover are Massimo Vulpiani , NetWitness ’ EMEA Business Leader , and Karim Abillama , SE Director , International Business at NetWitness . They discuss some of the company ’ s latest innovations and how its platform offers visibility to analysts , combining its analytical capabilities and contextual insights to equip security teams to combat advanced threats . This can be found on page 51 .
This month , we aim to get to grips with the evolution and growth of the European OT threat landscape . On page 18 , Magpie Graham , Intel Capability Technical Director at Dragos , outlines critical controls and essential pillars for organisations building a robust cybersecurity strategy , the importance of building defensible architectures and stresses the need for comprehensive monitoring to enhance overall security posture .
Alert fatigue has quite notably been hitting the headlines as of late , so I wanted to know how cybersecurity professionals can grapple with the issue and how it impacts operations . Keen to input their thoughts were : Matt Hillary , VP Security & CISO , Drata ; Simon Hogg , CISO at Eigen Technologies ; and Matt Cooke , Cybersecurity Strategist at Proofpoint . This can be found on page 27 .
From a more technical standpoint , Andy Mills , VP for EMEA at Cequence Security , discusses the CISO ’ s responsibilities when it comes to securing APIs and how this can be achieved . Find this on page 33 .
Giving their ‘ Expert Opinion ’ this issue is Bryan Hamman , Regional Director Africa , NETSCOUT . He discusses some of the critical facts about DDoS attacks and why , for African organisations of all sizes and across every sector , it is so important to learn how to choose the right approach and solution for adaptive DDoS protection .
This month , Dan Schiappa , CPO at Arctic Wolf , addresses the court on page
44 . With a focus on the government sector , he discusses the areas in which the legal industry needs to prioritise resourcing to operate with a reliable security infrastructure .
Elsewhere in the magazine , we go beyond security by examining how biometric technology is shaping the business landscape . On page 48 , we gain insight into the benefits of biometrics as an alternative to passwordbased security , as well as its ability to make processes much more seamless and efficient .
I hope you enjoy this month ’ s issue and if you ’ d like to contribute , please don ’ t hesitate to get in touch at alix @ lynchpinmedia . com
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