Intelligent CISO Issue 10 | Page 15

latest intelligence FACING FORWARD CYBERSECURITY IN 2019 AND BEYOND I n the cybersecurity industry, we’re so frequently working around-the-clock for days at a time that we often forget when one year ends and another begins. It’s a shame, too, because the end of the year is a very important time. It provides a moment to reflect on what we observed and experienced over the past 12 months and to consider how best to address the challenges we have been facing. Perhaps more critical to our line of work, it offers an opportunity to note what | Issue 10 developed into a trend, and what might develop into a trend as we move into the next year and beyond. Each of us can take some time to ponder, but at the end of the day a single individual cannot sort it all out. It takes thousands of individuals – providing detailed insight from their various areas of expertise – to adequately assess the current state and future shape of the cybersecurity industry as a whole. It takes a full team to develop informed, well-reasoned and defensible security predictions. PRESENTED BY For this year’s security predictions report, Facing Forward: Cyber Security in 2019 and Beyond, we tapped into FireEye’s deep well of leadership and expertise to pull together a wide range of thoughts about what’s to come in 2019 and beyond. u DOWNLOAD WHITEPAPERS AT: WWW.INTELLIGENTCISO.COM/ WHITEPAPERS 15