Intelligent CISO Issue 10 | Page 16

latest intelligence VEEAM RANSOMWARE RESILIENCE, AVAILABILITY AND RECOVERY EXECUTIVE BRIEF I Introduction PRESENTED BY DOWNLOAD WHITEPAPERS AT: WWW.INTELLIGENTCISO.COM/ WHITEPAPERS 16 Ransomware is a type of malicious software (malware) which restricts access to a computer and/or the files on a computer until a ransom amount is paid. Most commonly, ransomware spreads via cryptovirology, combining asymmetric and symmetric encryption to lock out users from managed file transfer or specific directories or files. It operates under the assumption that the encrypted data is important enough to users that they are willing to pay a ransom. Originating in 1989, ransomware attacks have started spreading internationally around 2012, with infection approaches becoming more and more sophisticated and attack delivery getting easier and easier. Today, we hear about its gruesome effects and rapid spread impacting every industry worldwide. Veeam offers businesses and end users the confidence that their Digital Life will be Always-On and uninterrupted by ensuring they have the right ransomware resilience and recovery plans in place. Chapter 1: The true cost of ransomware The US Department of Justice recently referred to ransomware as a new business model for cybercrime and a global phenomenon. The frequency of attacks is alarming, increasing from 14% in 2016 to 27% in 2017, as noted by Accenture in a recent report on cybercrime. u Issue 10 |