Intelligent CISO Issue 40 | Page 27

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? scaler , a leader in

Z cloud security , has announced its new Ransomware Report featuring analysis of key ransomware trends and details about the most prolific ransomware actors , their attack tactics and the most vulnerable industries being targeted .

The Zscaler ThreatLabz embedded research team analysed over 150 billion platform transactions and 36.5 billion blocked attacks between November 2019 and January 2021 , to identify emerging ransomware variants , their origins and how to stop them .
The report also outlines a growing risk from ‘ double-extortion ’ attacks , which are being increasingly used by cybercriminals to disrupt businesses and hold data hostage for ransom .
“ Over the last few years , the ransomware threat has become increasingly dangerous , with new methods like double extortion and DDoS attacks making it easy for cybercriminals to sabotage organisations and do longterm damage to their reputation ,” said Deepen Desai , CISO and VP of Security Research at Zscaler .
“ Our team expects ransomware attacks to become increasingly targeted in nature where the cybercriminals hit organisations with a higher likelihood of ransom payout .
“ We analysed recent ransomware attacks where cybercriminals had the knowledge of things like the victim ’ s cyber insurance coverage as well as critical supply-chain vendors bringing them in the crosshairs of these attacks .
“ As such , it is critical for businesses to better understand the risk ransomware represents and take proper precautions to avoid an attack . Always patch vulnerabilities , educate employees on spotting suspicious emails , backup data regularly , implement data loss prevention strategy and use Zero Trust architecture to minimise the attack surface and prevent lateral movement .”
According to the World Economic Forum 2020 Global Risk Report , ransomware was the third most common and second most damaging type of malware attack recorded in 2020 .
With payouts averaging US $ 1.45 million per incident , it ’ s not difficult to see why cybercriminals are increasingly flocking to this new style of high-tech extortion . As the rewards that result from this type of crime increase , risks to government entities , company bottom lines , reputation , data integrity , customer confidence and Business Continuity also grow .
Zscaler ’ s research supports the narrative recently established by the US federal government , which classifies ransomware as a national security threat ; underscoring the need to prioritise mitigation and contingency measures when protecting against these ongoing threats . www . intelligentciso . com