Intelligent CISO Issue 45 | Page 52

working . It is my responsibility to ensure that both our day-to-day operations and our Digital Transformation are delivered seamlessly and securely , as well as making sure that we have the right people and technologies in place to protect the business as a whole from sophisticated attacks .
What business / cybersecurity challenges were you looking to address ahead of your work with Darktrace ?
We are a long-standing user of Darktrace and we understood early on that to meet the challenges of securing our infrastructure across disparate environments and tools , we needed a technology that was able to work across any area of our infrastructure to detect and , critically , respond to attacks as they happen . As a business which had to pivot quickly online once the pandemic hit , cloud and SaaS platforms proved incredibly useful and innovative tools for us .
However , this new infrastructure came with its own challenges – as the traditional network perimeter was redefined , the attack surface widened . In addition , with new partners and third parties being thrown into the mix , the risk of supply chain attacks is constantly growing .
Yet , as we have come to depend on these platforms for the long-term , security has now become a crossdepartmental , board-level issue and we rely on Darktrace to adapt in lockstep as our business evolves to help us address new challenges that emerge .
As one of the leading global lifestyle brands , how important is having reliable and effective protection against cyberthreats ?
Even before the pandemic hit and cybersecurity was thrust onto board level agendas , attackers had been proliferating and innovating .
This year , we ’ ve seen organisations of all kinds and sizes fall victim to attacks – often with incredibly disruptive consequences – which is why for us at Ted Baker , cybersecurity has long been a top priority . We need to ensure that not only our employees , but also our customers and partners remain secure as we work with them . In particular , we have seen a rise in social engineering attacks which target the weakest link in the chain – the human .
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